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So I'm aware most of the folks here prefer CC and in general, I've really steered that way as well in the last couple of years. Just works well with the flavors I look for in a cigar. Interestingly, i

I second the ECCJs as well. I like the Epernay Le Monde but the one I keep coming back to is the HL. As a lover of thin ring guage cigars, that lancero is a 1 hour 45 minute treat that is very consist

Glad to see Illusione, and the Epernay in particular, getting some love here.  It's such a nicely balanced cigar, and for me it slots in nicely alongside anything I'm smoking out of Cuba.  As others h

I think Illusione has wonderful balance as compared to most of the NC world and the Epernay line is one of my favorite, especially the Corona Gorda.  Another brand that I think CC preference smokers would enjoy is MBombay.  Very elegant, well balanced, with a lot of complex spice (not over the top black pepper) and floral notes. Warped cigars is another go to for me.

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20 hours ago, Homer said:

I have never smoked Illusione cigars, but I would like to try. What do you recommend for a person who is not a regular cigar smoker?

I'll step out on a limb here and suggest a few sticks that are mild to medium in strength and less than full bodied (but still very flavorful).

1) Epernay Le Petit (petite corona) or Le Ferme (robusto)

2) ~hl~ (lancero) from the "Original Documents" lineup (apparently blended to be a bit less strong, which I can attest is true)

3) Anything from the relatively newer Fume D'Amour lineup.

I really enjoy quite a few from the Original Documents series (~cg:4~, ~mk~, others) but have personally found them to be a bit stronger overall and maybe not the best for a less experienced smoker.

Hope that helps!


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43 minutes ago, Homer said:

Thank you for the advice. Do the cg4 or Le Ferme improve with time like cubans? Any ageing potential?

My experience has been that nearly every cigar I've had from Illusione has aged very well when stored properly.

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