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5 hours ago, CaptainQuintero said:

Glad to hear that your upgrade has gone ok Gramps, old not obselete!

You and Mrs Pig always get a an extra big dose of best wishes and thoughts when you go in for a refit, take some time to get back on your feet and fingers crossed 2017 will be a lot more carefree for you

Thanks mate, well wishes to you too!

Time for an anecdote! I don't sit idle long. So the other day I am in the shop, mashing my head into stuff like Ichabod da Baby-crusha'....

I am making some videos for my Gen 12 humidor build series. Okay, I am lousy at videos okay. I actually did some commercials in my 20's, but Mr. Piggy is anything but a glamour-boy!

So I am watching one of these videos to determine its value, and I start cracking up as I look like Desi Arnez trying to back his Long, Long Trailer... It is just killing me! I pass the camera, and see this huge bald head get stuffed into this humidor to do something and it is absolute murder... to watch!

Anyway that is my story. My neck killed me after that, and I don't know if I will work today or not, but I had to share the laugh at my own expense! Jesus, me on YouTube, it is so unlike me, I have to slap myself to believe that I dare!!!

Cheers mate! -R

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