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My name is Paul Vato and I am an actor and owner of Vato Cigars, located inside Binion's Casino in classic downtown Las Vegas on Fremont St.  I was doing some research on going back to Cuba and one of your members directed me to this site.  My wife, fellow actor and business partner, Sarah Vato, and I will be in La Habana February 27 - March 9, 2017, that's right, in two days!  I'm looking forward to meeting any of you that might be around for El Festival del Habano.

I've been in the cigar business in one way or another since 1993 so if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask.  If you plan on visiting Las Vegas and need any information I am available to answer any of your questions about our casinos, restaurants and where to smoke, etc.  The same goes for L.A. / Hollywood, my wife, like me, is from Chicago but she grew up in L.A.  We currently split our time between Vegas and L.A.

Please feel free to IMDB us to see our acting body work, and  Here is a funny video of me that you may already be familiar with, Most recently I had a very small part in the movie The Trust starring Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood.  Well, that's about it for me, I look forward to contributing to this wonderful forum and hope to one day get to meet you all!

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Thank you very much for the warm welcome!  I'm sitting at Hotel Inglaterra in Havana as I type this.  Heading back to L.A. in one week. 

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