Impact of Less Than Ideal Wrappers

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Think I've had an epiphany...or could be just a brain fart.  In any case, it finally sunk in on why some Cubans may not have the amazing flavor profile that they are (usually) known for.  It appears that some exapmles really do suffer terribly when constructed with 'off' wrappers, while others seem to be just fine regardless.  Take some of the lighter, more complex cigars, such as many in the Monte, Trinidad and Vegas Robianaseries.  I've had some really ho-hum No4's, Coloniales and  Famosos.  On the other hand, never had a Party Short or RyJ Cazadores suffer from PWS (pale wrapper syndrome).  Hell, you could probably leave the wrapper clean off of the latter without any ill effects!  

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no doubt to me that the wrapper is the most important part of the recipe.

If you have ever had a wrapper split and come off, and continued to smoke the  cigar, you can easily tell a big difference.

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