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Hey all! Headed to Cuba next month. My wife and I love hiking in Colorado and we want to head out in Vinales. Does anybody have an experience hiking there? Any favorite paths or trails? We prefer higher altitude views rather than flat meadows or roads through the tobacco farms. Appreciate any advice! 

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i flicked through the list of current topics very quickly and read, 'Vikings in Hinales'. my first thought was where is Hinales and why did the Vikings go there.

so not really that helpful.

long time since i was there but my memory is that it is basically fields with the giant limestone hills. quite spectacular. not sure how easy it is, if indeed possible, to climb the hills. walking the fields more appealing.

i remember that rob, myself and the guys all took a sort of mild hike/guided tour and were joined by a bunch of dutch tourists. i have always got on with anyone i've ever met from holland, and i certainly do not think these vermin were representative at all, but these were the most truly obnoxious people one could ever meet.

we said hi and one of the women started berating us, quite extremely fiercely, about what a disgusting bunch we were coming to cuba to go on a sex tour (i can tell you honestly that we were so naive and innocent back then that we did not even know that went on - seriously. rob was still in choir boy mode). she really got stuck into us. we were stunned. no idea where it came from. i did point out that if we were on such a tour then what the hell were the five of us doing hiking around the cigar plantations a squillion miles from anything but it mattered little. at one stage, the guide showed us a local farmer/grower rolling basic smokes and he passed one around. these grubs showed each other and then pocketed it. i still remember the bloke looking at us and then just putting it into his pocket. no idea what set them off. but it meant 'war'. i made certain (these were still the days of film, not digital) that i stepped into every photo he tried to take, or stretched out a hand or whatever. i must have sincerely apologised to him 40 times. and then immediately walked back into the frame as he took the next one. i miss film.

and things descended from that. it all got very antagonistic. never forgotten it.

again, probably not that helpful.

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@Tesoro12 Let me know what you guys end up doing. I am planning a trip for November and have a few days earmarked for Pinar, I will spend plenty of time at the Prieto Finca, but a day of hiking is on the list.  

Side note: What route are you guys taking down to the island? I went DIA/CUN/HAV last year on a combo of United and Interjet, It worked out great, but I am always nervous bringing cigars back through Mexico. Taking a more direct flight, only stopping in Houston or Miami would be best, but I haven't found anything easier out of Denver yet.

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@Corylax18 Southwest was the easiest for us in terms of flights. The only flights from Denver that don't include Red-eyes or significant layovers. Cheap too! Where are you located around Denver?


It looks like we'll rent bikes from the casa that we are staying at (villa los reyes) and bike through some coffee and tobacco farms the day before. Catching the Viazul bus from Havana at 11:15 and ideally getting into Vinales around 3pm. Then we'll be doing the sunrise hike with Fidel from at cuban style (highly recommended according to Tripadvisor). Apparently the valley keeps a barrier of mist overnight and so the sunrise is spectacular. I'll definitely let you know how both those excursions go!

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