Final Weigh in for FatBastard 2017 - 1st May

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I'm traveling through tomorrow night so am unable to take a picture, can provide if needed although I'm fairly sure I won't be near the top so it won't matter. Ended up at 215.7lb which was a drop of slightly less than 10kg. It was great to have some added motivation, wish I could have done better but looking forward to shedding a bit more over the next few months. Additionally, it was the perfect incentive to get me back to the gym and I added some decent muscle mass, skewed my weight totals but I am feeling better at where I'm at with my body which is great. @El Presidente, thank you so much for putting this on! It's a great way to work together at a common goal.

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Guest robitowitz

Made good progress at the beginning but a busy work schedule and travel in April stalled me out.
Still happy with what I lost so far...will still work at it for my own sake!


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