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this is a good article explaining the requirements for US and Non US residents booking accom in Cuba through Airbnb. 

Some members are often confused as to what is required in order to book Cuba accom through Airbnb.

I hope this clears it up.

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Same questions when booking flights from US to Cuba. Which category are you traveling under.

I like the "if you are renting a place you're helping the Cuban people" comment!

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I also used AirBnB in Havana about a month ago with no issues.

The only thing was the nice folks I rented from mentioned really slow payment from AirBnB to them.

Everything worked perfect on my end.

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I was also wondering what of the 12 choices most people choose when visiting down there? I was hoping for another FOH trip so I could use the selection for club event.

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Beware scams from fake hosts on airbnb. Always make sure the listing has multiple reviews. I just got refunded from a host, and it might not have been his fault. The listing didn't have reviews but the host had 32 positives. So I figured it was safe right? Wrong. By luck I found the same place on another listing and contacted the real owner. Sure enough this scam is rampant in Cuba and I did not have a valid reservation with the house. Airbnb customer service is horrible. Spent two weeks with 10+ calls, and no refund. I called the host, he claimed he was listing for a "friend". I showed him the real listing and he refunded and pulled the fake listing. 

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