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if one loves cheese, then keeping it properly is as important as keeping wine and cigars properly.

but as much as i do love great cheese, i would struggle to be convinced that the two would match. i think both would impact adversely on each other, for so many reasons.

however, rob, if you do have some top cheese and wish to test this, bring it around.

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wow !  Though cheese in my household never lasts long enough for anyone to worry about it going off :lol:

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That is neat but I am with @Dimmers, cheese doesn't stand a chance.  I checked out the cheese box wondering how they humidify and I see where they use the clay brick soaked in water.  

I was thinking about doing something like a clay brick or something like that in a coolerdor / tupperdor as an experiment but was not sure if it would be a problem or if it would be useless.

Just something I was thinking about the other day.

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What? You mean I can't just chuck my cheese into the fridge? And what about cheese in a can or Kraft Cheese Spread? Do they go into the humidor as well?

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14 minutes ago, TheLiquidGator said:

How many cans of Cheez Wiz can this humidor hold?

Zero. It holds zero Cheez Wiz. 


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