Now we know what those pot humidors were for!... Meet the $420 Cannabis Cigar

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First time I recall seeing the head of a company getting stoned on camera. (Plenty of execs who made decisions like they were stoned, however.)

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Still cheaper than cigars in this country ??

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smoking time: two weeks.

weight gain a definite problem

losing track of time, likely.

roach clip, necessary................   :ph34r:

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Well, the perfect cigar you can show to your dad. Instead of going for a bread, he will go for a smoke, and you'll never see him again. Actually it is a pretty interesting product, not as interesting as CBD, which is 100 times better, but still. If you don't know what does CBD products represent, you can visit, here you will understand what is this, how to use it, and even how to transport a cannabis flower, from which later you can make different sort of CBD products.

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