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9 minutes ago, PigFish said:

I like the band myself. Brian May is a talented guitarist and song writer. Freddie, lets just say he was one of a kind!!!

One song I like a is "I'm in Love with my Car."

I like a lot of duets. This includes, "Under Pressure."

Two of my favorites are, "Las Palabras de Amor" and "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

A lot of their stuff is a little glam for my taste, but they are a band of talents, that is for sure.

You guys know how much I like Hackett and he plays with a lot of other people. He has a song with Brian May called, "Cassandra." Fantastic song...! Fantastic guitar duet last 1/3 of the song.


I enjoyed that Ray, thank you. I once had a friend named, Cassandra. If I walk around the house listening to this song too much I'll be able to hear the good wife growling from the adjacent room.... 

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Queen were are truely great band of which we rarely see these dayys

Freddy was an amazing performer. Regretfully I never saw them live but there are some great dockos about Freddy... 

i can  remember one not long before he died where he said that he felt that he only had one true friend in life and the rest were were all hangers on. Pretty sad.

did anyone see Queen with Paul Rogers singing? I think that would have been pretty awesome.


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