En-route to Havana, Cuba after 2 cancellations from Irma

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  • 2 weeks later...

received_10214539121570901.thumb.jpeg.a1cc561babc1f595e8da86bef0b223c8.jpegreceived_10214539121570901.thumb.jpeg.a1cc561babc1f595e8da86bef0b223c8.jpegArrived back to the states with plenty of new experiences. My driver I had hired was from the Cuban cigar seen therefore he knew everyone. The cleanup in Havana was going very quickly as it was mainly damaged from tree debris. Routes to places we re-routed so not to big of a headache. The Malecon was seriously damaged as it washed out the concrete walls and sidewalks therefore it remains closed. Tunnels were finally open as they flooded and were drained b4 I left Cuba. The Fortress was closed and 5tay16 LCDH was closed the 1st day I was in Cuba but opened back up. Everything else was just fine as the military and Cuban people were busting their ass cleaning up. 

Went to Hiroshi Robaina tobacco farm and it too did not receive any damage. Even though no tobacco on farm we did a short tour and then went sat with Hiroshi and drank beers and smoked cigars for bout 3 hours. He left for a minute came back with a bag filled with cigars for me. He is a very nice guy! Ask him how many pounds of tobacco he produced this year 30,000 lbs. I was told they seed 45 days they have tobacco harvist then dry 40 days then bundle and then goes to Cuba government for the final stages. Hiroshi is 41 years and has 4 daughter that are 15 and under and he is showing them abit of the business as to hopefully follow his path with tobacco farming. Visiting with Hiroshi was my highlight of going and if back in town he told me to come to his house and hit him up. Took pics with him before we left. Then we hit every LCDH store in Havana area and picked up several items. Had plenty of drinks and cigars and met most of the custom rollers and took pics with each. We drove in 4 days 878 miles. Had so much stuff Cuban customs called me over intercom at airport to co e to customs. Open my bags they ask if all this was for sale and I said nope for wife and myself. They then ask for receipts I gave them the register ticket they gave back to me and only were interested in the facturas. They then said thanks and let me roll on. No problems at all. Very awesome trip! Will post pics once I download them tonight. Cheers!



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