Christmas Sampler 2017

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Hope it's not too early to start talking about the Xmas Sampler offered this weekend :D

What order does everyone plan to smoke them in? What qualities make your Christmas Day pick special? Will it be your first time having it or an old friend? 

HUGE thanks to @El Presidente & team for this wonderful sampler!

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Was just about to ask if it was sold out, then I decided to check in the thread and sure enough. Guess I got lucky because I saw it late. Never had the Punch 48 by the way..

Getting to the age where my excitement for Christmas isn't all that big, this might change it!

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From memory:

Cohiba Esplendido

H Upmann Sir Winston

Fonseca 1

Cohiba Lancero

Cohiba Siglo VI

Punch Punch 48

Juan Lopez #2

Petit Edmundo

Epicure 1

There was a Double Corona, VR I think?

RyJ Churchill

I think I’m missing a Petit Corona.

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4 minutes ago, Islandboy said:

Gran Toro nailed it

...and i didn't even buy it... Tells you something huh?  

"...i hate myself...I hate myself...I hate myself..."  :(


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Super excited for the Christmas sampler, waiting for it to arrive and then rest has got me feeling like a kid again! Most excited for the cigars I haven't tried (Siglo VI, Esplendido, Sir Winston, Punch 48, JL2, VR Don Alejandro). Also excited for the cigars I've tried but don't have in stock (RyJ Churchill, Fonseca No 1, HdM Epi 1). Also excited to add another Lancero, HUPC and Monte PE to the collection. Anyway you shake it, I'm just excited! 

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15 minutes ago, JohnS said:

The 2017 Christmas Sampler is a 'no-brainer' purchase, a superlative offering from our host. And to put the icing on the cake, they come with FriendsofHabanos lighters! :clap::2thumbs:

Thanks for pouring salt in the wound for those of us that missed out! Lol :P

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