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my nephew and his mates went to melbourne last weekend for the afl final. had no tickets. just for fun. then at the airport, they ran into a few blokes. my nephew has more confidence than you could ever imagine. so no problem fronting them for pics. would not be surprised if he also asked about autographs and if they said yes, asked them who they would like it made out to.











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They should enjoy the memory. We won't see many more players that are that good for so long many times in out lifetime. 

I hope Billy gives his Clive Churchill medal to it's rightful owner ?

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41 minutes ago, JohnS said:

Kudos to your nephew for approaching Cameron Smith and Billy Slater for photos, without fear of rejection! ;)

john, in a week, he'll be telling his mates how he was bothered at the airport by a few old blokes who wanted to be photographed with him.

and agree with the comment above about the churchill. smith deserved that by a mile. most iniquitous decision (although billy did play well) since buckley got the norm smith ahead of voss in 2002.

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