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October is officially upon us, and with the most terrifying time of the year just getting started, Patron has announced a new collaboration that invites tequila lovers to drink their way to the dark side.

Their partner in this eerie enterprise is Guillermo del Toro, the fantastical filmmaker beloved for his darkly beautiful tales of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. Both Patrón and del Toro were born in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, and it was this connection that brought them together for Patrón’s most sinister spirit to date.

“Tequila courses through the veins of my native land, Jalisco,” said del Toro in a statement. “It represents a communion between spirit and earth, steeped in time and tradition, and a source of pride that roots us and defines us both. Through the years, I have been offered many collaborations in designing and executing different products. I have never been tempted. This creation has been an adventure, and a privilege.”

The imaginative Guillermo Del Toro x Patron package contains a 750ml bottle of extra añejo tequila featuring a blend of aged tequilas averaging five years in used oak barrels, stored upside down. The bottle takes the form of a skeletal torso, and is crowned by a skull that contains an aged deep orange liqueur meant to be mixed with the tequila.

And about that box. Celebrated illustrator Guy Davis collaborated with del Toro – as he has on many of the filmmaker’s projects – to create packaging that doubles as a piece of art. Intricate illustrations, many of which incorporate symbols of Mexican culture and the tequila making process, adorn the outside and inside.


Davis and del Toro designed a stark, matte black cover that peels away to reveal a box with carefully detailed black and silver drawings. The images depict skeletons working in the agave fields, the tranquil land where tequila is born. When opened, the case unfolds to expose a warm red and orange colour palette, and turns the bottle into a winged devil creature that could easily be a cast-off from one of del Toro’s movies.

The auteur also envisioned a ritual for how the tequila should be enjoyed. To set the mood for the your imbibing experience, votive candles are included alongside the bottle. The candles are designed to be placed on a drawer that slides out from the interior of the box, creating an illuminated altar worthy of your favourite silver screen séance.

From start to finish, the process of creating the spirits’ spectacular presentation took over a year. Only a very limited number of sets were produced, retailing for a suggested price of US$399. For del Toro’s dedicated fans, it’s truly a drink to die for.


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That is very cool!  Probably the only Patron worth shelling out for.  ;)  

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