Rafeal Gonzalez 88 Regional Asia Pacific- Weekend Review Competition

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14 hours ago, PigFish said:

... damn shame this did not hold up to your scrutiny. Good, honest review... nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.



5 hours ago, TheMonk said:

Excellent honest review, well done!

Thanks guys.  I really wanted to love this cigar, but it's just not there.  With the pending release of the RG perlas in a fifty cab for approximately $40 more I think those are a better option.  50 > 10 

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  • 2 weeks later...
Do you find a hint of the old flavours (  

Unfortunately, I wasn't even in kindergarten in 1998. Maybe some of the more experienced smokers here can lend some info on what the blend was back then.

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I had a similar experience with two sticks I smoked from different boxes this week. Mediocre to awful.

I find it very frustrating. Unfortunately/fortunately the UK release this year is also in this fight vitola. I hope it does not suffer from the same inconsistencies.

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