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I have  mates with some exceptional man caves. 

Nates is my favourite. He has nightclub lighting to go with the built in bar sound system. When nate has a few too many rums...he likes to himself :D

Still, these are a step above.  

Who has a man cave? Share a photo :ok:

When you want to get away from the outside world or perhaps your disgruntled wife at home, the best way to do is to relax in your man cave. For men these sacred places give us the chance to unwind in comfort and recharge our mind. It’s the one space in our homes that’s solely dedicated to us, and this space acts as a reminder of our freedom and passion. As secluded rooms inside our homes, man caves also give us the opportunity to admire our collection of treasures without disruption.

Think billiard pool games, movie and media rooms, whiskey taste tasting at the bar, and decor composed of the finest sports memorabilia. No matter what your take on the ideal man cave may be, this living space is distinctively our own.

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Working on it slowly.. I've got allot of the pieces.. And I've got the space now.. It's just balancing the time, Restoration and building with budget :P
My pool table is one of the original 4, Number 1 actually of the 4 original in the "Mildura Working Mans Club" which until it was "Renovated" which by i mean destroyed in the fashion of all traditional clubs to make room for soul destroying pokie machines had the worlds longest bar until 96, A record still not beaten.
Couple years ago I was lucky enough to find a 1920's era Copper pool table light also which I've recently had restored mostly, Just needs to be re-wired and polished now..

I've got plenty of other quirky and cool stuff.. Few vintage bikes I'll have around the place also.. Just need more time and money to renovate the garage into a mancave now! :P
And all the other stuff.. But meh. I've got time :P I think

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Wow! And I thought my little garage/mancave, which certainly does have the "lived in" look about it, was OK .... shuffles off quietly back to own corner, embarrassed :blush:

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I've got the maximum allowed in my neighborhood with a 1000 sqft garage, yet I feel sorely inadequate looking at these monsters.

Now some of the projects I've worked on would rival these, but those folks were millionaires multiple time over.



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I would be afraid to touch anything in  those places and there must be a Broom-Hilda close by in case you drop any ashes.I'll stick to my mancave in my basement.

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