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Live Video Review: (Local Brisbane Time)  Friday 15th of December 12pm

                                   (New York Time)           Thursday 14th December 9pm. 


I am looking forward to another live video review with members where we can catch up, chew the fat, review a cigar and have a laugh :D

Given it is the end of the year, The cigar I would like you to choose is the one that has been your "go to" cigar in 2017. The cigar that seldom let's you down, the one that consistently puts a smile on your face. 

I will post on this thread the login details for the vid review 10 minutes before start time. 

However, please let us know if you think you can make it. 

Looking forward to it! :spotlight:


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Gentleman, I am sorry to admit that I’ve realized the 14th is the Star Wars premier which I just got tickets to. So I will be unable to join you for the review. 

Have a great time and “May the force be with you”! 



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