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Wondering where I might find plain bands I can write box year and possibly factory code on or even the gold and black bands that just have the year (e.g. 2008) I see on some vintage cigars retailers are selling.  I move most of my cigars into single drawers once the box is less then half full (making room for new boxes ?) and would like to keep track of whats what......

Thanks in advance botl's and sotl's

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Just found and ordered some from, not sure why i could find them after googling for 45 min but i guess its just been a long week and its well past beer o'clock.

Thanks agen @RazorbackFan have a great weekend!



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I usually just type up my labels on Word, print, cut, and tape them onto sticks. It's cheap, quick, and easier to read than my handwriting. Especially if you have multiple sticks with the same information, you can just copy and paste the same line over and over.

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