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A bit of Rugby background. The six nations has kicked off, Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Wales, Italy.

In Ireland's opening match against France, we were leading for 70 of the 80 minutes until France scored a try to go one point up.

In rugby the game doesn't finish until the ball goes out of play after the time goes over 80 minutes, so Ireland had to keep the ball in play, and they did for 40 phases, it's also possible that the ref (the best referee in rugby) was feeling kind-hearted.

Having said all that, Ireland could have played all day in Paris and not scored a try. The French defense, especially for a young international team, was very tight.

The highlights, Sexton's cross-field kick to Earls at about 4:15

The main event, a 42 metre drop-kick at about 6:28, then the commentators' responses. Mon Dieu!

Not to take pleasure in France's loss but Irish wins in Paris are rare enough. Looking forward to the finale against England on St. Patrick's day, pubs will be busy here that day.

By the way, if anyone wants to join me, I'm aiming to be in the bar in the cigar lounge at the Conde de Villanueva for Ireland vs Wales on Saturday Feb 24th at 9:15am. Good fun last year.


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