Valentines Day Sucesses.....and Failures.

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Love the day or loathe the day......most of us at one time or another have played the game.

Your best and/or worst valentines day story. 

The one with the most likes goes into the draw Friday for a Talisman :D

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On our first Valentines Day, I got her a single rose. It was our sophomore year in college and I was broke. To spare embarrassment, I made up a cute excuse that I would give her a rose for each year we celebrated together. Fast forward two years...


It was our third Valentine’s Day together, and our senior year in college. We had both been busy with classes and sports, and I completely forgot about the holiday.


The day of, one of my roommates asked me what I had planned. That was my “oh sh!t” moment! Her and I made dinner plans, but I completely forgot about the roses! I had practice before our date, so I had no time to get them. I thought I was screwed.


My buddy agreed to bail me out and got three roses and a few balloons for me, which he put in her car while I was at practice.


We had a great date, and as we pulled up in her driveway, she noticed the balloons in her car. Unfortunately, he put them her drivers seat and they looked like a head from the rear window. She freaked out thinking someone was in her car waiting for her.


I came to the rescue and searched her car for danger. Finding only balloons, I called her over to show her what I found. She was completely impressed of my efforts. Needless to say, we had a great rest of the night.


Unfortunately, my buddy left his credit card at the florist and had to cancel it. It took a week for him to get the replacement. The poor guy was as broke as me for that week, and I felt terrible. But, that was 14 years ago, and my wife never found out about. His sacrifice was worth it



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A couple of years into our relationship, I was sent overseas on a work trip.  It was only for a week, but I was arriving home the day after Valentine's Day.  Not to worry though, as I figured that if I picked her up something nice while away, all would be forgiven.  I found a nice, small diamond ring before heading home, and while it was only a few hundred dollars, I was poor and that was the most that I had ever spent on jewellery.  So I was paranoid about losing it so I had it hidden away in my carry-on bag to keep it close.

Upon arriving home, my beloved girlfriend was there to collect me from the airport.  And I was both excited to present my gift (I was proud) and eager to be rid of it (the stupid fear of misplacing it was really getting to me).  So while we were waiting at the baggage carousel, I figured this was as good a time as any, and kneeling down I started digging through my carry-on bag to find the ring and hand it to her.  And as I was handing it to her it clicked - it was the day after Valentine's Day, and there I am on one knee giving her a diamond ring.  So of course I immediately started spluttering something about not getting the wrong idea and this wasn't what it looked like and of course there was no way this was a proposal and all the other "correct" things one should say in this situation.

Thankfully she laughed about it all but looking back I can't say it was my finest moment.  We eventually did get engaged, but not for another 5 years.  And that proposal came as a complete shock to her, no doubt in part thanks to the handling of my earlier mishap.

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I brought a girlfriend to see Waiting for Godot about 25 years ago.

Not the most romantic date but turned out to be a good analogy for where we were heading, or not heading.

I keep meaning, on St. Valentines Day, to take my wife to see the bits of his corpse on display here. I think that would be quite romantic.

Though given the history of the abundance of relics in the church I was raised in there are probably couples all over Europe who could do the same.

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For those of us who perpetrate some of the acts and omissions listed on this thread, including forgetting completely, here are lyrics to a Steve Earle song that you can try to package in some way in a pathetic attempt to recover from your testosterone induced idiocy.
I probably shouldn't have to say it--but then again, after reading this litany it's perhaps best that I do advise that this is not something that you are to do every year, men.
By: Steve Earle
I come to you with empty hands
I guess I just forgot again
I only got my love to send
On Valentine's Day.
I ain't got a card to sign
Roses have been hard to find
I only hope that you'll be mine
On Valentine's Day.
I know that I swore that I wouldn't forget
I wrote it all down, I lost it I guess.
There's so much I want to say
But all the words just slip away.
The way you love me every day
Is Valentine's Day.
If I could I would deliver to you
Diamonds and gold; it's the least I can do.
So if you'll take my IOU
I could make it up to you.
Until then I hope my heart'll do
For Valentine's Day
For Valentine's Day
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I'll leave this to you all to determine if this is the best or worst... (somewhat NSFW, but I've kept it PG-ish)

About six years ago my girlfriend at the time and I decided we wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day. We hadn't been together that long (only about three months) and neither of us really seemed to care all that much about the whole fuss of Valentine's Day. Despite the latter, I decided to go all-out in the "I'll actually do something nice for this person because I genuinely like them" kinda way...not in the Hallmark card way. She loves Mexican food, so great (!)...I like to cook...I'll make fajitas and flan, which for me means making as many of the components from scratch as I can (tortillas, the caramel for the flan, etc.). After all, I really liked this girl...and hey, I want to show off.

So the day arrives, and she's supposed to come over to my place for dinner. I start cooking everything. I make the tortillas, chop up the onions, peppers (she really liked jalapeños), etc...while the flan is in the oven. I've got a lot of stuff to do, so there's a good bit of chaos...but I manage to pull everything off just in time. She shows up and is instantly and really pleasantly surprised by how much I'm putting into making this a nice night...which is good, right?'s good, because we eat and things...ahem..."progress" rather quickly from the kitchen to the bedroom. Kisses happen, clothes are removed, prophylactics worn (safety first!)...and "the deed" commences. This is great right? 

Yeah, until...

Her: "Wait...wait...stop!"

Me: "What's the matter, are you okay?"

Her: "NO, I'm burning!"

Me: "Huh?"

She scampers out of the bedroom, runs to the shower, flips on the water, and begins scrubbing herself with a force I thought was only possible for heavy machinery.

Me: "Are you okay?!?! What's happening?"

Her: "NO! This really hurts!! It feels like someone's lit a fire in there!"

Well dear reader, now that the blood had gotten back to my brain, I was able to put two and two together.

Me: "HOLY COW, IT'S THE PEPPERS!" (Like I said, I had enough time to cook...but apparently not enough time to wash my hands.)

Now I was prepared for the worst; call the cops, go to the bomb shelter...this is gonna be bad, when I hear from the bathroom:


Wait....this is FUNNY to her? She's in there putting out a "fire"...but hey, who am I to give the gunman a second shot if I've already dodged one bullet? She comes out of the bathroom still laughing, naked, and bright red from the waist down.

She looks at me, and says: "So are we still gonna do this? Cause I'm game!"

And we did.

The moral of the story: spicy food makes for spicy more ways than one.

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Smashed it out of the park this year. 

I got my wife a bottle of Hatt et Soner Blanc de Blancs Grand Cuvee Brut 2012. Which is half a present for me. ;)

And booked 2 places in Bernadette O'Shea's two night champagne classes. Also a present for me. :buddies:

The real clincher was, I have 4 and 7 year old daughters. Isla and Freja. I call them Islington and Freight Train. :wub:

So... I got them a card each, a chocolate heart with sprinkles, unicorn lipgloss and some rainbow coloured roses. 

This impressed my wife more than her gifts. And the girls lost their minds. Thought it was better than Christmas. 

I received numerous accolades from various mum friends as a result. 


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I have a mother’s day story I’d like to tell despite its irrelevance. My wife is Mexican and my mother in law used to live with us. My mother in law does not speak English and my Spanish is as bad as it gets. A few years ago I got them both flowers and cards to celebrate mother’s day. My mother in laws card greeting read “Feliz dia del Mamas!”. My wife tells me that this translates to “Happy blow job day”. I was the only one that thought this was funny.

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Fiance said this year she didn't want any flowers. Well I decided to take that as a challenge since I get her flowers every year. 

This year I got her a bouquet...but not of flowers.... McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. I fancied it up with some paper and everything. She got a good laugh and proceeded to eat them all before dinner last night. They are her guilty pleasure. 




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