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Hello Friends,

It's been too long since I've last logged on but I experienced something last night worth sharing. Some months ago I received an unopened, uninspected box of El Principes. Sadly they were affected by tobacco beetle. Four sticks were irretrievable. I froze the other twentyone for six days and stored them separately for a few months.

The pics below illustrate my experience. Not sure if the pics are clear but you'll see a unique form of tunnelling. One I cannot blame the roller for!

At first it was a single tunnel that then forked off into two smaller tunnels. For the record, the cigar was splendid. Though the beady eyes staring at me were a little unnerving....








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I hope the pics come up clearly on your screen. The tunnel was about 4mm wide and forked off into two 2mm ones. Forgive the order of the pics.

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