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Four Pillars Chardonnay Barrel and Sherry Cask Gin

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Four Pillars Chardonnay Barrel + Sherry Cask Gin

Below are the latest releases from Four Pillars. I received my pre-release order last week, but this has just gone on sale in Australia, with a limit of one order per customer. I expect them to sell out quickly. The Four Pillars website categories these releases thusly...

Purchase the two additions to the Four Pillars Gin family as an at-home tasting pack - both our new barrel-aged gins, each with very distinct characteristics.

You'll get one 500mL bottle of our first ever Sherry Cask Gin blend from our 42 cask solera of Spanish Sherry and Australian Apera casks. The final blend has been given a tweak of Amontillado Sherry from Spain, producing a sipping gin with nutty, sweet flavours plus juniper and notes of crushed coriander seed.

Plus one 500mL bottle of Solera No. 7 of our newly christened Chardonnay Barrel Gin. This has been in barrel about six months longer than the 2017 release, showing even more of those gorgeous preserved ginger notes, richer spice, and oaky sweetness.


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Thanks for the heads up John. I would love to hear some gin drinkers opinions on these two releases once tasted. Please do post.

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