If you could buy any RE/LE (current or historic) as single from our host, what would it be?

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You read my mind, [mention=31264]Buck14[/mention]! Despite a preference for slimmer RGs, I must admit to being a bit of a sucker for a 109.
SP Eslavo, Dip Bushido, ED El Conde, Punch Clasicos, and the one I’m desperate to try (despite being continually told that it’s disappointing), the Boli 5ta Avenida.

Who says the 5ta Avenida is disappointing? It's one of the best RE ever.
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Original Behike

What lotusguy said.... First release Behike at original price would be awesome!

None of the above. I'll stick to regular production stuff. 

Trinidad book cigar, ED 109, Partagas 150 109, PL magnifico, Partagas piramide le 2000, Partagas c1, Romeo le 2000, Romeo replica humidor 2004, and Trinidad farmhouse.

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I love Benelux, original Behike and France or Spansh Regionals. Canadian Ramon Allones Regionals too. The only thing that might show that Regionals have something unique about their tobacco blends to me is I do not like German ones.

With severe caution in mind because I think if you only get one or two loose without the box they could be who knows what, an afternoon or evening for us with Gran Reservas or 1966’s would be romantic.


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