Solo, Weekend Trips from US?


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Many of us have done it. You can find accommodations from $30/nt on up. Eating, drinking budget would be like anywhere else. I'd figure $200-$300 / day. You can go a lot cheaper depending on how frugal you are but for me when I'm on Vacay I'm on Vacay so I spend accordingly. Custom smokes are $3-$8 each so again, depends on what you want. Rum is cheap $7/ bottle. Hope this helps.

Have fun!


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Yeah I have done weekend trips from Dallas connecting through Miami and direct from Miami. I budget like this:

-  $25-30 for the taxi from the airport to Old Havana (one way) - round trip $50. 

- $50 per night for a nice Airbnb. Could go cheaper or spend more. $50-60 will get you a nice apartment in Old Havana with a balcony (essential for unwinding with a cigar at the end of the night)

- $50 per day for food/drinks/bottled water/coffee etc. Food at good paladars costs about $5-10 for small dishes or sandwiches/soups, $10-15 for entrees or maybe up to $20 for something special.

That covers the essentials. I usually just walk everywhere so there are no transportation costs. For cigars it’s completely up to you. You could get just customs and bring back great stuff for $5-10 per stick depending on vitola or you could bring back boxes of marcas and spend thousands.

So in total I budget around $600 ($250 essentials - $350 for cigars) for a weekend trip. Better to always take extra because whatever you bring in is all you will have until get back home - no ATM or card options for American banks. Enjoy the trip, it’s a great time!

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