How many hygrometers would you use?

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Hi all, I'm considering investing in a cigar fridge after years of tupperdore usage. Main reason being that I live in Beijing where the climate is generally very dry. Currently I have many tupperdores and it's so tedious to maintain multiple tupperdores so I'm looking at a solution where all my cigars are in one cabinet and there is an automatic system that maintains the environment constantly. For the model I'm looking at, the water reservoir is at the base. I've read some comments on the forum where users found different humidity levels at different levels within their fridge. My question is:

1. Will I expect a double reading from a fridge like this?

2. If so, is it worth using 2 hygrometers to monitor at different levels?

Image below:



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I was always interested in the Alibaba coolers. They call them "Cigar Coolers". I haven't bought one because it's so hard to find reviews from cigar aficionado.

Judging by the reviews - the seller seems to do well to its customers,
You'll most likely need to adjust the humidity controller, as it's apparently not very accurate. I do the same with my Cigar Oasis.

But you're better off contacting the manufacturer. Also, don't limit yourself to just this model. There are plenty of manufacturers making cigar coolers on Alibaba. 
TMall is mostly for business to consumer, but Alibaba can also be for consumers, you just need to ask. 


I'm sure @PigFish will have something to say on this.

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thanks for the Alibaba suggestion, there's definitely a range of manufacturers at different quality levels. I'll give it a browse, but I suspect my options will be limited to size and price!

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