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Saturday went to the San Diego Safari Park. Walked around the Australian Walkabout exhibit and looked for my cigars. 

Sunday went to see Public Enemy perform a short set in Los Angeles. 



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I had the drone out about 2 or 3 miles over the Atlantic Ocean, looking for whales, sharks, and dolphins, which always seem to pop up when I don't have my drone handy, when I came upon this small fish

Positive effect of self-isolation - in a week I finished the sauna, which I started building last winter

I did the 40 mile loop around Mount Hood this weekend. I left Timberline Lodge at 8:30 AM Friday and arrived back at 9:30 PM Saturday night.

27 minutes ago, David88 said:

Egypt is currently being battered with a storm and we have had about 40 hours of rain and high winds. The first photo is not mine but was taken this weekend (so I thought it may be worth a share) the second photo is from a midday dust/thunder storm on Thursday. Many people are without power and water at the moment, so I’m quite lucky but I’ve been stuck inside, working hard to keep my apartment from flooding since Thursday. Fingers crossed, it’s due to end tomorrow and I can get out for a cigar to celebrate.

We went through a similar weather event around a month ago on the eastern coast of Australia. I was at it myself for around half a day non-stop with toweling and the drier to prevent flooding downstairs. Then the next day a tree fell on the power lines outside in the early hours of the morning and around 20 of my neighbours (and my family) were without power for 5 days. Hang in there, I know how you feel. ? ?

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31 minutes ago, SirVantes said:

Drink 1 was one from my small stash of wines that are as old as I am - Fontanafredda Barolo La Rosa 1971. I’ve been keeping these back for the Big Five Oh, but El Prez has reminded me that that there’s no guarantee that either I or the wine will get there, or be any good by the time we do. So out comes the cork. For the record - still alive, baby. 

Food was just simple grilled beef skewers, cunningly spiked with white truffle oil. But nothing worth photographing.

Drink 2 was Talisker 25, pound for pound one of the best official bottlings of single malt scotch you can buy, in today’s inflated market.

Cigar was my next-to-last Cohiba Sublime.

I pronounce myself sufficiently distracted from current affairs.



That's a great vintage and producer; I bet it was good.

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15 hours ago, BrightonCorgi said:

That's a great vintage and producer; I bet it was good.

It was!  The nose did not disappoint - it had the triumvirate of tar, roses and slight shiitake.  On the palate, the fruit still had something to say after all these years, though it took an hour to find its balance, and then faded quite quickly, which was not unexpected for La Rosa.  I have a couple of '71 La Villas and Lazzaritos - may have to crack one soon while the impressions of this one are still fresh.

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