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17 minutes ago, madandana said:

We did the reserve tasting 2013,14,15,16.

We were impressed but don’t have your pallet. Let us know what you think Ken.

if they turn up, we are doing the spirit oak wines they have just released. might be interesting. 

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1 hour ago, El Presidente said:

PJ, Hutley, Matty and myself leave today for 4 days R&R on the houseboat. 

What could go wrong :D





Where is the man cave?

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5 hours ago, Bijan said:

Hoyo du Prince. Thanks to @JohnS


How was this?  I have a '13 box that I have yet to crack.  Any standout flavors or notes? 

On 11/15/2020 at 5:15 PM, madandana said:

After numerous trips cancelled since March due to virus, wild fires and hurricanes (2020). We finally got out of MN. Supposed to visit the Keys but of course another hurricane made us switch plans at the last minute and went to Napa instead, (wild fires finally over).

Had a great time visiting Mondavi, Cake bread and our favorite-Pride.


Looks like a great trip!  Napa is on the bucket list for my lady and I.  Lots of great vintners out there that we enjoy.  Glad you were able to enjoy yourselves and get out of MN for a few day! Cheers. 

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5 minutes ago, StogieSteve23 said:

How was this?  I have a '13 box that I have yet to crack.  Any standout flavors or notes? 

This was a 2016 Hoyo du Prince. Extremely flavourful and relatively strong. A lot of cedar and wood also spice both aromatic (cloves, perfume) and pungent (pepper or cayenne), some mint, and vanilla and liquorice at times. Your 2013 box may have mellowed more. They're supposed to get mellower and creamier over time.

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2 minutes ago, HDGSN said:

Jealous. Are you getting to Sheep Ranch?

Yeah I’m actually playing Sheep Ranch in 1.5 hours. It will be my 5th time playing Sheep. It’s a super fun track. Shorter and really scoreable. And obviously the views are out of this world. 

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