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I spent the weekend away in Canberra, the national capital city of Australia, to celebrate my 24th Wedding Anniversary with my wife... We went into Parliament House and took some photos in

SOUUeeeeee!!!! What a pig out of San Diego!!! We were using WAY too light of gear for this 220# bluefin this morning and it KICKED our asses for 5 hours. 

Happy Birthday Dad. 88 and you are a dead set legend. Love you dearly.   

3 hours ago, J-Slay said:

Ha! Great eye, @SpecialK!!! I'm in Wisconsin for a few weeks.  We keep a place right outside of Eau Claire.  My wife's family is from here and I have business up here too.  We spend about a third of our time here and the rest in NC.  Quite an adjustment for this Southern boy snow blowing & shoveling, but I've gotten pretty good at it!  Our place in NC is just outside of Greenville, so we're not far from the coast either.

@J-Slay  Left the Carolinas in 85 and was back for a couple of years 97-99.. My Wife is from Glacier Park MT and we've made our home out west.. I gotta say the Snow is getting old though. My Family is from a little town outside of Vanceboro named Ernul.. just a blip on the map. I did most of my growing up outside of Cola SC however...  

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On 01/02/2021 at 1:33 AM, DanWil84 said:

@Bijan look for a heated hoody, most powertool suppliers have them which work on a battery pack of that brand. Some people at work wear them (dockworkers on ships) and they are very happy having them at some chilly evenings or nights. Its not as cold as in Canada, we barely hit minus celcius temps, but it works wonders. 

Got the Milwaukee tools hoodie that uses M12 batteries. Makes a big difference.

On 01/02/2021 at 2:38 AM, mprach024 said:

Here you go bud


Wearing the hoodie under this ? (or my non shiny version of that jacket).

On 31/01/2021 at 2:15 AM, Shrimpchips said:

By the end of the beer: “feet are toasty...but with a third sock...” ?

As much as I like becoming the bionic smoker I don't trust any of these heated devices not to short circuit to go anywhere near there.

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Happy New Year. I did some grilling, had dinner, built a fire in the grill and smoked a Saints and Sinners exclusive No 1.
Korean bbq is an awesome dinner. Never had that cigar. Might have to try one.

Sent from my SM-N976U using Tapatalk

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3 hours ago, mrmessy said:

Korean bbq is an awesome dinner. Never had that cigar. Might have to try one.

Sent from my SM-N976U using Tapatalk

One of my favorite things to eat and it's as easy as marinating and cooking some short ribs.

The cigar was part of the Saints and Sinners (Tatuaje) 2020 annual member kit. My buddy is part of the club and part of his haul were pairs of cigars numbered 1-5. They are different vitolas but otherwise no info on them. I don't know if they're the same blend, different size or all different blends or what. We smoked the #1 that night and the #2 a couple weeks later. I liked the #1 better as the #2 seemed a little bland. I think we might be smoking the #3s this weekend. So we'll see how that one is. I wonder if people sell these things on the secondary market but I'm guessing they're a little hard to find out in the wild.

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2 hours ago, Fuzz said:

A few of the Sydney FOH crew came over for a blind champagne tasting. Just a bit of fun, working out what you preferred, not what was what. Put in 2 Aussie sparkles to throw people off... kinda worked, but 2 people picked them up as Aussie ( @Kam even managed to pick House of Arras as one of the producers).

Fun day, especially since most of us haven't had a chance to catch up in months.


I don't drink a ton of champagne but had a few bottles over the of which was the Perrier Jouet brut. Hadn't had it in years but I really enjoyed it...good fruit with nice austerity. Outperformed some much more expensive fizz IMHO. 

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4 hours ago, Homer said:

That non vintage Billecart-salmon is my favourite!

Haven't had that one or the Aussies.

I'll hunt them out they may be difficult to find the Arras and Jansz stateside.

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4 hours ago, Fezztone said:

Any vintage British Motorcycle fans? Monte 2 and a 73 Norton Commando 850


Gorgeous.  My father has a ‘75 Commando 850 in the red white blue color scheme. We scoot around through the canyons and coastline out here, but I’m weary to hop on it and deal with all the backwards and reversed controls.  One day...ride safe!

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