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Greetings from the Midwest (STL)!

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Hello all!

Been lurking for the better part of a month, pouring through the various threads on the forum. I figured I should get registered so I can contribute to the conversations instead of just taking the information.

I have been fascinated with Cuba and Cuban cigars since college. My roommates and I were participants in the cigar boom of the 90’s (while cigars were a fad for my roommates, it was something I continued to enjoy for over 20 plus years), which led me  to wanting to learn more about Cuban cigars, which caused me to delve deeper into all things Cuba. I have wanted to visit for the longest time, to meet the people, see the architecture, experience the music and art, and of course, the cigars. I have had to live vicariously through the stories of others within online forums, primarily on the CA forum. But, that will change later this year. I will be making my first trip to Cuba, and while it is a short visit, I plan to use it as research for an extended trip in the near future. I look forward to sharing my experiences with the community here after my trip.

As for my cigar tastes, I’m a little all over the map. I love a Churchill, Piramide, Dalias, and Coronas Grandes. I have been trying to branch out with my purchases, which are few and far between (trips to Canada and Caribbean, only where I know I can purchase without worrying about authenticity, so basically LCDHs), but I do enjoy the longer smokes, as the cigar experience to me also encompasses conversations and reflections, enjoying the time spent as much as the cigar I’m spending it with. I have included a peek inside my humidor below to see what is currently in the rotation, in case people care.

I look forward to be part of the group,




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