skiing in africa - one picture worth a 1,000 words

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Just now, luckme10 said:

I don't know why but this reminds me of Dubai.

At least they took it a step further and moved it inside the mall.

I did it once, just for the novelty of skiing in the summertime. In Dubai. It was odd walking outside afterward

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that looks awesome I have to say. I would try that. I would love to try something like that since I feel like it will resemble a sleek snow. I am wondering what type of coating the skis have since I doubt a regular one will work here. God I really miss skiing in general. I have been always in love with the sport and whenever I have the chance I go tot he mountains and relax for a few days (it all depends on the amount of snow) . I actually booked a 10 day  stay at a ski resort in Aspen. I was kind of worried since its the pandemic and I had very little idea which resorts would be open and if they are open what restrictions would be put in place. While I was surfing the web for this info I came across this really cool website that helps you chose the best ski resort for you. You guys can check it here: I found it super useful and they have all the information up to date there. I think that if you guys want to go skiing this year you should check them out. I will share pics later I promise hehhe

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My boys' first experience with "snow" was at 4 and 2 1/2 years old when we were living in southern Vietnam.  It was all manufactured snow inside of a cheesy, dilapidated warehouse of corrugated metal (no Dubai budgets there!).  But it didn't matter a bit: all the kids there, the locals in particular were laughing their derrières off and giggling like crazy sliding down the sloppy wet snow in inner tubes.  

Now, 10 years later, we ski 'proper' natural snow back in the States, but I'll never forget the wonderful charm of seeing kids light up at the sight of something so impossible as 'snow' in a tropical environment.

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Does look cool but necro @Fuzz? Asking for a friend.... ?

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New guys, old threads. Common behavior.

Nice to see fresh blood around though!

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