Is this Cohiba fake or real? I believe it is a CORO

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It all goes back to the way he said it ....you ALL have great points ....both sides of the situation really have.....it’s just the way you said it Cory ...I mean jeez oh weez bud.....it had such an arrogant connotation with the whole “seriously fugu I mean a 5 post minimum would do it” thing ....sheesh man.

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It is always great to have some light evening reading when I come back from the warehouse :rolleyes:

Fake threads aways concern me because too many are folks who joined yesterday to have a crack at retailer or trader X.  Accusations fly and many are unsubstantiated. 

"You buy the seller" is a well known axiom. I think this also goes for new members when it comes to posting about fakes. No track record as a member rightfully makes people nervous.

Now (as in this case) there was more to the story.  Members are rightfully protective of their house. 

In retrospect I suspect many here would have handled this differently. No blood was spilled. 

Learn and move on. 

PS. it certainly looks fake. 


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