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A little about my smoking journey I became interested in cigars at a young age seeing my Grandfather and Grandmothers brother smoking Guinea sticks as my family called them. Later on around the early 90s during the Cigar boom is when I went full on with a humidor and accessories. During this time it was all about the Dominican cigars and I smoked my fair share of Ashton, Cibao, Fuentes, Licenciadios, lots of Partagas and Leon Jimenez. So many cigar brands it was a very interesting time. Then it peaked and people jumped ship and companies shut down and brands disappeared. Early 2000s the ones that were still smoking wanted more flavor so blends became stronger and more flavorful and people were into Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars . Rocky Patel was leading the way with his 1990 and 1992 vintage blends, 1990 was definitely in my top 3 at this time. Couple of years later Don Pepin Garcia exploded on to the scene with his pepper bombs and continues to be a major player. Smoked many a cigars introducing newbies to some flavorful smokes and also with some lifers that have been smoking for over 40 plus years. Cigar enthusiasts are a different breed of people . Sorry for the rambling and gramical errors. In short I am glad to be here. I look forward to helping the ones I can and learning from the ones that have been blazing for a long time ... I always loved CC's and have smoked a good amount. I feel I am reaching a point with Nc's that I am chasing something I will never find. So I stopped buying Nc's and just bought a box of Partagas shorts and some JLP cremas. I mostly stay in the cheap and cheerfuls realm, but definitely smoke some better sticks also. Getting tired of spending $10 -15 $ for a Good Nc's. I know I can spend it on a Cc's and be way happier. So here I am guys.
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