New Canadian Regional announced. Robusto. 10 count box. 6000 Numbered boxes.

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Just got back from the Toronto LCDH. My buddy was at the launch as kept a spare Diplo for me.  The band is a lot nicer than regular production and recent Diplomaticos RE bands (AFAIK).  The shadows ma

Halfwheel is reporting that a new Canadian Regional will launch today in Toronto and across Canada.  LCDH will have exclusivity from Sep 13 - 19.  General availability expected around Oct 3. It i

Admittedly, these are young, but I love to smoke them young to try and gauge the potential.  I picked up a couple at Casablancas when I was in Toronto this week.  They were $40 a pop.  I tried to pick

It certainly could be phenomenal, you are right. The cost benefit ratio isn’t there for me personally. I find more satisfaction in persuing excellent regular production than chasing RE/LE which are here today, gone tomorrow.

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1 hour ago, SenorPerfecto said:

Hmm... now to figure out how to avoid paying $31 for these...

I might be mistaken, but I believe Pacific Cigar and Havana House have a relationship. If so, I don't know what that would mean regarding prices.

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4 hours ago, fabes said:

Would you rather have one of these RE, or two CoRo, or even 4 of any other robusto. Same cost either way. 

Are you kidding? A Coro is like 45$ or more in Montreal.

Pds4 is like 35 

You have no idea how good you have it, wherever it is you are.


Edit: I don't know who the hell buys boxes of cigars in Canada. 

I buys singles at my local B&M cause I like the guy and he has some oldish stock he'll hook you up with if he sees you know what your talking about and figures out your tastes. 

But Boxes? 

I imagine it's only rich people who don't smoke and buy cigars as status symbols, or tourists who don't know any better.

I can't imagine that a guy that can afford buying boxes locally doesn't have ways of procuring Cubans easily at a better price. ( more easily than we can even)

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3 hours ago, El Presidente said:

It's a collectors item as I suspect it will be the last (or second last) Canadian Regional. 

This is interesting. Why do you say that?

Actually- I know exactly why. Plain Packaging negates a double bander for sure. Of course.

I'll certainly try a couple singles from my local B&M to support the local merchants, but that box price is certainly a little rich for me.

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$40 CAD is cheap for a Robusto here.

A D4 is $35. Same with a RASS. CORO is closer to $60.

I have a feeling this cigar is going to be much more than $40.

It won't be cheaper than a CORO (I doubt)

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