New Canadian Regional announced. Robusto. 10 count box. 6000 Numbered boxes.

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11 hours ago, NSXCIGAR said:

Any comparisons to the Cuba Excelencia? Really curious if this is the same cigar. 

Two Dip Robustos in a row...let's make this a regular production stick please! Dip needs some life.

I did a side-by-side comparison last week after breaking the bank on a single cigar at my local B&M.  They started out quite different - the Excelencia was more straightforward power like a PSD4, and the Nortenos was more well-rounded, sweet with a spicy edge, like a Dip 2 but with more sweetness.  They got a little closer in the 2nd half, but still believe they are two different blends. I remember the Excelencia young, and it was never as sweet and well rounded as the Nortenos.

Both good but I think the Nortenos is the winner between the two.  Now I just need to find a box...without paying the 1700% canadian duties and taxes LOL!

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Just got back from the Toronto LCDH. My buddy was at the launch as kept a spare Diplo for me.  The band is a lot nicer than regular production and recent Diplomaticos RE bands (AFAIK).  The shadows ma

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On 9/12/2018 at 10:45 PM, Colt45 said:

I might be mistaken, but I believe Pacific Cigar and Havana House have a relationship. If so, I don't know what that would mean regarding prices.

Sorry to pick up the beginning of this thread again but I thought I’ll add my little bit of personal knowledge to this.

As stated in this article, ( Havana House is owned or at some time was owned by the late Sir David Tang of Pacific Cigar.

Sir David used to be a member of the board of Tommy Hilfiger at some point. The brand Tommy Hilfiger was mainly financed by Silas Chou of Hong Kong and Lawrence Stroll (father of F1 driver Lance Stroll). Stroll and Chou also financed Michael Kors.

I’m working in yachting since twelve years and actually had Lawrence Stroll on board a lot as he was a very good friend of my employer a few years back. Lawrence is an avid cigar smoker, 3-4 a day, and we had many chats about cigars. Every time he came on board he would gift me a few sticks and discuss the latest releases with me. I know he comes across quite ‘nouveau riche’ and boisterous in TV but he’s actually quite a nice guy!

One day while we chatted he told me that he is a share holder in Havana House, the Canadian Havanas importer. Reading up on it, I never found any information about it but as Sir David was the owner of Havana House and a board member for Tommy Hilfiger I can imagine he wasn’t lying to me. Seems like the two had multiple business dealings with each other.

One day during the Monaco boat show, around 2011, Lawrence was on board again and had a meeting with a yacht broker. Suddenly Lawrence calls me over and asks me to counter sign a contract. Sorry what? “Yes, I need a witness to counter sign this contract, I’m just buying a yacht”. So I got to sign the 36 Million $ contract for his first 60m yacht! Love my job?

A few years later he topped this and bought a brand new 95m yacht, like his first yacht called Faith.

Beautiful boat but unfortunately I had moved on by that time to another vessel and couldn’t apply for a job with him. Would have started in a heart beat! What a dream, an owner that loves cigars and shares them every now and then with his crew! He’s also an avid Ferrari collector and owner of Mount Tremblant Race track in Canada. He used to bring his latest Ferraris, often heavily customized one offs down to Monaco and would have us park the cars for him, amazing!

Sorry to spam the thread, just thought some guys might like to hear some more insight on Pacific Cigar and the people behind it.


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A D4 can be had here in the great white north for about $28... A thrifty shopper might find the nortenos around for around $300 a box. 

I had my first norteno the other night and loved it. I see some great aging potential in these as well and will most certainly be adding another box to the collection. 

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