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Greetings fellow enthusiasts! As a SOTL I've been enjoying cigars of all kinds for almost 10 years in the SW desert. I'm a huge nerd for cigar literature and love ot geek out about blends, brands and lines from all over the world. Logistics being what they are, I most often enjoy AMS but like to treat myself with the real deal every special occasion or so. I look forward to chatting with and connecting to new BOTL/SOTLs here!


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11 minutes ago, Derboesekoenig said:

Welcome! What literature in relation to cigars have you acquired and/or recommend? I have almost finished reading MRN's Encyclopedia...maybe he will release the 2nd edition in the next couple of decades lol

What is AMS?

My latest literature score was Jose O. Padron's "Memorable Moments In My Life - The Story of an American Dream". It is a heavy hardback and I've not gotten all the way through it but I'm digging the intimate story telling. 

AMS (American Market Selection) is just a short hand way for me to talk about candela/double claro or green wrappers. There something about the profile that I really dig. I wish I could get others to join with me on my bandwagon, but I understand how many are set in their ways already.

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1 hour ago, cigarbigboy said:

welcome, to a fellow Arizonan.  I'm in Tucson right now!  Be happy to share a cc with you some time.

There is a lovely bunch of us at the Anthony's on River, most Wednesdays. Feel free to pop on in and say hi!

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