Reviving Dried Cigars

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Do any of you guys have experience with reviving dried cigars? I was organizing my tubadores (weathertight totes) about a month ago in my climate controlled storage shed and Last weekend I realized I had left the top off of one that had about 6 boxes in it. I caught it this last weekend and put about 5 @ 65% bovida packs so hopefully in a few months they will be back to normal. Do you think it will permanently effect the taste of these cigars after being exposed to 45% RH for a month? I noticed after a week they are still extremely hard on the inside but the wrappers seem to be softening up. The RH in the shed is about 46% so I doubt they got completely dried out but they are dry for sure. I don't know if this helps but all the boxes are PSP/HQ and were fairly new so I know they were wet to begin with, I just hope I did not turn these things in to garbage with my ignorance.




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Hydrate slowly or the wrappers will crack. Depending on how wet they were you may be alright. If the oils didn't dry up you can revive them. 46% Rh is alot better than 30% rh. Goodluck only time will tell.

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Disagree.  There is no way to know they will be fine.   Assuming the boxes were sealed tight, you may be okay.  But some oil would have evaporated meaning the cigar will likely never be the same.   But only time will tell,  would love to hear you report back in time and let us know what happened.


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I rented a house from one of my buddies and a couple of years in I found a humidor with a few dried out cigars in them. I threw them all out except for one, which I put in a properly humidified desktop humidor and forgot about. A few years after that I found it and smoked it. It was fantastic. So sometimes you never know.

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On 10/13/2018 at 1:34 PM, Derboesekoenig said:

Since the period of time that elapsed is fairly short, they'll be just fine. Cigars are more resilient than people realize. It's a lot worse if they are exposed to super high RH + high temp. than the opposite.

I completely second that. They're not crystal wine glasses from 1898.

I think it's the collector's mindset. Like putting comic books in mylar and not reading them lest they lose their "mint condition" status. 

I guess all of us have a bit of that mindset, but it's a spectrum. 

Cigars are obviously susceptible to physical damage, especially water damage. But, rh can move around quite a bit without really having that much of a chance to ruin the cigar. 

I personally wouldn't  be worried too much about 45%. If it was a couple of months that be more worrisome, but drying out is a long process.

Cracking the wrapper is more likely than losing enough oils to be noticeable.

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