Video Review - Cohiba Secretos

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Nice review, thanks! I thought the discussion of the increased complexity in the larger format Maduro 5 cigars was interesting. I recently bought a box of FEB 17 secretos and found them MUCH milder and less complex than a younger Genios I obtained locally. In contrast to the secretos which, while good, is chocolatey and rather one dimensional as you both describe, the genios had a decent amount of the pepper profile I associate with Cohibas. It also imparted what seemed to be a bit of fruit (perhaps citrus?) and some mild candy mint flavor. I had been curious whether I just received an odd genios, whether the extra year or so of box age had been what accounted for such a dramatic difference in flavor, or whether there was perhaps more difference between the blend of the two formats than I would have expected. Seems that perhaps all these factors contribute, but curious to note that you have also experienced a decent amount more complexity from the Genios.

While I really enjoy the secretos and generally prefer smaller vitolas, I think I found the genios to be a more special cigar, and probably the one I would prefer to have stoked if the price points were more proportionate.

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