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Locker Changes effective immediately (update)

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Our OLH is officially full and we will not be taking in any new stock from existing locker holders or opening new locker accounts after today. 

You have probably guessed that the new guidelines at the beginning of the year haven't really helped make any room.  :rolleyes: We will introduce some new guidelines in January which will help and we will be insisting members who didn't meet the requirements this year, to do so.  The new requirements will be posted in early December. 

The launch of FOH Auctions will also alleviate some of the space issues.  We will revisit the situation again in six months. 

I appreciate your understanding. If you have any specific issues, feel free to PM me. :ok:





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Locker guidelines for 2019 will be posted mid December. 

Changes will not come into effect until the launch of FOH Auctions mid to late January.  

  • This will allow members to sell locker stock (at a market price) to other members that they no longer wish to smoke/keep/take.  The boxes chosen will require 3 or more years age on them. 
  • This will allow a continual turnover of locker stock and allow  members access to lockers and  aged stock  24 hours a day. 




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The FOH locker system will remained closed to new boxes until further notice.


We are a fairly relaxed operation but there are quite a few members who are outside of the current guidelines.  I can understand that personal situations change (marital/health/financial/interests) and it is this reason that we have developed FOH Auctions to be launched late January 19


In effect:


  • If you can’t meet the requirements and can’t ship them home, then sell all or part thereof (at market price) via FOH Auctions to other members. This will put very good coin in your own pocket + free up locker space for other members who are prepared to meet requirements + make available aged cigars to other FOH members.  FOH Auctions is for cigars with a minimum box age of 3 years.


  • If you are meeting requirements but you would like to sell your locker stock to other members at auction then you are encouraged to do so. Start giving some thought as to which boxes you would like to put up come mid-January.


  • If you are outside of requirements  by the 31st of March 2019 (without prior arrangement) you will incur a $10 USD/AUD per box per month locker fee charged on the 1st of each month.  


Our requirement as of the 31st of March 2019 will be as follows.

  • No new lockers until further notice
  • 60 box locker maximum.
  • Minimum 1 box movement out of the locker per quarter (quarter commencing 31st of March 2019). Once you are down to three boxes you can stop. 


All Locker members will be able to use FOH Auctions at any time. If your tastes have moved on from some of the boxes you hold? Sell them. Your daughters car needs repairs? Sell a couple of boxes. 


You don’t have to do anything right now. Enjoy Christmas and the New year and assess your stock situation come mid-January.  We will have an FOH Auctions subforum up at that stage which will take you through the process and introduce you to the features of the new site.

Our locker system should be back to a balanced two directional flow (and hopefully open to new stock) come July 19.  

I appreciate your understanding and assistance in getting our locker system back into shape.



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