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20 hours ago, Derboesekoenig said:

Heated hoodie??

I’ve got this one last year on some sale:

It’s really just for sitting outside in winter and smoking, for some reason it doesn’t look as flattering as on the pictures when I wear it?

And the battery is quite heavy and would annoy the heck out of me if I’d wear it to walk around in.

On the highest setting I can smoke for a good three hours on one battery charge.


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?  Long ago tired of ruining great cigars smoking outside in the elements.  

I was so inspired by @papatrips that I picked up an ice fishing tent, black interlocking foam mats, and a programmable space heater during Black Friday sales. Looking forward to inaugurating the winte

Winter smoking nook?  I’m wearing it...  

You poor bastards! What’s that white stuff on the floor in somenof the pictures? You best get your wives to clean up all the flour they seem to spilling all over the garden.

This one time, in Perth, it got down to 6 degrees C. A cigar wasn’t smoked that day. It was horrible.

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On 12/3/2018 at 10:17 AM, Derboesekoenig said:

Very interesting. Was it worth the $7-$800? I'm curious how these work--what's your opinion thus far?

Hi.  It works quite well.  Has the greatest weight of charcoal of any purifier for the money.

I run it at high speed while smoking and keep it running for a few hours after I'm done.  You will smell tobacco while you are smoking but it does a good job of sucking in the air.  Here is the spec from the manufacturer.  My garage is 22x24x10 = 5,300 cu ft

  • 360° air distribution allows for purification for up to 2000 sq. ft with 2 air exchanges an hour (based on 8-foot ceilings) = 16,000 cu ft.
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Finally got around to grabbing a picture for this thread. Here's how my basement smoking room turned out. The wet bar is behind the two wingback chairs in the first pic. there is one 450 ccm fan on each side of the room blowing the smoke out the side of the house. works like a charm. 



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