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Here are some thoughts on a few C&C's that are new to me;

Quintero Favoritos... been discussed here a lot with opinions ll over the place.  Got a box of 25 from early 2017 and they are amazingly good ROTT.  A friend & I fired some up a day after receiving and found the 1st and last thirds to have very nice tastes with leather & light coffee/cocoa. Middle third was a little green, but fortunately changed.  Now, this is only based on two cigars, but based on that I ordered more.  Draw & burn was good and ash held like a D-4!  IMHO, great bang for the buck.

Belinda Corona Tubos...FUGLY little stick, but good size, good burn and good draw.  Unlit aroma is amazing, but alas, these are mild with very light flavors & light body.  Light finish, no harshness.  Primarily nice grassy taste notes, light tobacco flavors.  Not bad at all - good 'farm rolled' sticks with coffee.  Much better than I've read.  Good for beginners & cigar mooches.

PLP... also been discussed here a LOT.  Light in strength, but good flavors with no harshness.  (from a box of late mid 2017) Another that is good ROTT.  Light grassy, twangy, earthy, nice tobacco notes.  Pleasant surprise - ordered another box after enjoying a few.  Another great bang for the buck.  I simply do not get how some have said these have no flavor.  These little sticks are quite good. 

I am pleased with all of these and will order each again.  All of these performed for me better than some 1st tier cigars that were considerably more costly and not as good.  My usuals are habanos like Party Shorts, D4's, RYJ Cazzies, BPC all of the Mag series, etc. Again, these opinions are IMHO - your experiences may vary.

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Thoughts on another few CC's;

Vergueros Mananitas...funny looking short belicoso that has reviews from very good to abject dog rocket.  I find these to be pretty good little hour long cigars which are a bit one dimensional in the taste department throughout.  These do start out mild and definitely build to be relatively potent by the last third.  Flavors seem to be earthy, leather, woody with a light bit of spice and coffee.  Draw and burn have been very good in my experience and the ash holds well.  Another cigar that I have shared with friends and received positive comments.  Good enough for ordering another box.

Super Partagas...Simply a great little inexpensive habano.  One of my favorites and the price is sub $100.  A no-brainer.  I stock up on these.  IMHO - tastes like a D-4 Light.  

PLMC... many love this one - simply not my thing. I found this one forgettable and was underwhelmed.  I prefer the PLP.

Party Habaneros... In for a couple of boxes based upon the comments I've read on them.  Have not tried them yet, but as of late, price is too attractive not to take advantage of.  I expect that these will not disappoint, as I have not run into a Partagas I didn't like!

** Update on the Habaneros;  from a box may 2016 - Tried a couple so far ROTT and they are really good!  One swelled to the point that the wrapper split, but the binder held with no draw issues.  Otherwise was a great cigar.  Flavors are definitely Partagas with the sourdough twang flavors, dark tobacco and a bit of strong coffee in the background.  Home run on this one.  Worth having a few boxes in reserve!

Please excuse poor spelling and ignorant opinions.  YMMV


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