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Hello!  I'm new to FOH. One of your members suggested I join.  I'm looking forward to learning, participating and joining in all the fun. I recently completed my basement Cigar Room & Man Cav

Founded of an e-commerce and wholesale distribution company. However, we recently sold the you could say I'm retired...although I don't like that term. You make a good point regardin

Beautiful!  Welcome to FOH.  Now that you're here, it won't be long before you realize you're gonna need a bigger boat.

Can you adopt me? 
Beat me to it. Wow, I can't imagine what that cost to make.

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Welcome to FOH! Beautiful basement man cave. Well done. Great place to spend time during those cold Chicago months. After you spend a year on this forum I am predicting you will have outgrown your current humidor. A Staebell would complement your man cave nicely. Go Bears!

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6 hours ago, PrairieSmoke said:

That is an amazing space. Congrats, and feel free to invite us over any time! ?

Will do! Any FOH members live in the Chicago area?

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