Has anyone tried Sancho Panza ER Gran Quixote Exclusivo BELUX

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I like the size and I am a big Sancho Panza fan, but the last Regional Editions releases have just been so so, nothing wow. not worth the extra price and hassle of getting them. Then again I know I have to be more patient and just let them rest for 5-10 Years.  

Would like to read anyones recommendations. 

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Nearly a year later and I guess this cigar is seriously flying under the radar. I've heard nothing about it which is surprising being a Belux release which should be everywhere. 

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Early Morning confession: I am not a SP fan, I give shit for RE. But SP GQ is a outstanding cigar. Usually I don't smoke fresh cigars, but here I went through a whole box, cracked up the second and I went deep on this. 

There are some cigars that have a thin wrapper, true. Your storage has to be very balanced otherwise they explode 😖


my  recommendation- YES go for it!

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