Advice - montecristo especial no 1

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No idea if price is good, they are worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

No idea if these are too old. I’ve seen videos where age (like 1960) leads to bland and mild, but still enjoyable.  But these are only 10 years old, not 60.

Especial No.1 have been up on 24:24, so they have been available in the past few months.

My thoughts:  I’m calling that 2011 Especial No. 1 first time infatuation and happy you really enjoyed it. I can tell it was memorable.  I’d bet you have a multitude of excellent cc experiences like this in the future, regardless of this box.

Gamble on the box or not? I have no idea.  Old stock like this is out of my realm, but risk can deliver reward.

Would you regret the missed opportunity if you pass? Would you regret paying for them if they they don’t match the 2011 exactly? Because they may not. Expect some to be damaged or duds.

Is there any way to get the sellers reputation? Or try one before committing to all of them?

I’d love to hear your comparison between the 1999, 2011, and current production.

If you think they and the seller are legitimate, I say go for it, and learn.

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Wow what a forum.... thank you everyone for your advices. I was hesitant on posting the question and now I've learned so much. I wish I could meet you all and share this box with you guys haha. It's a bit hard tho and you'll have to come to Sweden 😂


Thank you again and again for your warm welcoming. Best forum I've been on.

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