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original copy of the first Dire Straits record. Sounds amazing on vinyl. Dug this out of my old man’s crate of records. Absolutely amazing. 

Somehow I clipped the Albert Lee video (also good), so thought I'd better include a bit of Blue Sky...   

I'm on a Brit post punk kick right now. The Smiths, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen...

It surprised me that in my neck of the woods at least by coincidence the kids are listening to this right now as well.

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At this moment, I'm going through all the film/tv podcasts that I enjoy to hear any reviews or discussions of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.

I just finished it and I'm desperate to talk about it or discuss it furrher but none ot my friends has seen it yet.

That show blew my mind 6 ways from Sunday.

Scary, unsettling, emotionally devastating, full of dread and sadness and the tiniest hint of hope just to leave you holding on to something.

Highly recommended.

I thought about showing it to my 6 year old daughter, but you know.....she has crap taste in movies/tv shows. 



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Surely music resonates with us all?  I love (in no particular order) family, my business, MUSIC, adventure, and friends.

Tonight was Traveling Wilbury's "End Of The Line," Chris Stapleton "Tennessee Whiskey," and Mumford & Sons (take your pick).

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