Hector Luis Prieto finca custom rolls

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I have a day trip planned to the farm in February and I’m trying to find out the prices for the cigars he sells there

Looking to the BOTL’s here for answers

Feel free to PM is you’d rather and can help me out


I just mainly want to make sure I have enough money left when we get there


Thanks for any and all info you can offer

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy_jack said:

I suspect he has a lot of business from mules as well. It's amazing how all of this is blowing up on the conus side .

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Yeah, most/all of those aren't Prieto's though. They're just like the EL BHK 2nds. Cubans, and good ones. But not what they are marketed as. They've got a pretty limited selection of usable molds out there and I have seen "Prieto Customs" for sale several times in vitolas that I know they don't have molds for. 

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14 minutes ago, GotaCohiba said:

Thank you kind sir

I’ve been in contact with him a couple of times about 2 bundles but couldn’t get him to tell me prices


Haha. Awesome. I didn't even ask about the price when I ordered mine, it really wouldn't have matter what he said. We went out on the 2nd day of our trip though. 

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