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I’m guessing the answer is buy a better one but question for all the experts out there...

I have a new desktop humidor with a small glass inset for my office. I did the Boveda 84% seasoning for 2 weeks but I cannot get the humidity above 62%. I put cigars in after the 2 weeks along with 2 Boveda 62% packs which is what I use at home and the humidity dropped to 57% and held pretty steady. 

Any advice on how I get it to rest at a more comfortable 62%?

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Like @Derboesekoenig alluded to, make sure your hygrometer is calibrated correctly. If it is, it's probably a leak via the glass. I recommend getting some silicone to seal it. I don't have a glass top humidor but did have a leak in mine. I used aquarium grade silicone and it worked perfectly(you can usually get it at a hardware store). Just leave the humidor open while it is curing/drying. Then redo the seasoning.

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Trust your smoking experience and how the cigars feel; do the wrappers have a bit of a crackle when rolled between finger and thumb? Are they smoking well?

  A lot of the time it can be your hygrometers, unless you're spending triple digits on them then no matter what they advertise they can be anything from 1-7% out. So calibration can be of no help.

-do you sticks feel squishy or brittle?

-smoking wise are you enjoying them? Do you need to relight your cigars?

An empty humidor is harder to keep a stable Rh too, if you're opening and shutting it a lot to check Rh then you're making it even worse

Don't do anything drastic yet!

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I find Bovedas maintain humidity at something like 2 points under their designated humidity. 62s give me 59-60RH pretty consistently

in my desktop. And, BTW, that's perfect in the winter where I live.

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2 hours ago, mikem2780 said:

Hyrgeometer is calibrated. Sticks are definitely dry. Gonna try to seal the glass better I guess. Just worried about the calk scent a little. 

The silicone I used didnt leave a scent. Just leave the lid open while it cures. You'll need to re-season though. 

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The humidor with a glass insert often lets in moisture. The wooden walls of the humidor are a humidity accumulator, so the new humidor needs to be well charged-it is better to just install a saucer with water. When you put a lot of cigars humidity always falls, but then it will gradually grow. It would be nice to see a photo of your humidor to something specific advise

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