Xikar cigar cutter - further travails

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Good grief... all these horror stories are making me dread the day that my Xikar lighter stops working and the day that my cutter needs sharpening. Luckily, the only maintenance that my trusty torch has ever needed has been cleaning the jets with compressed air.

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I also received my lighter today.  took 10 weeks, what a nightmare.  I'm so over Xikar.

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Better late than never....

It is still a lifetime warranty.

I received my replacement too. Nice and sharp....we shall see for how long.

They have bought up quite a few brands: (to my surprise I have the first four listed)


Cigar caddy (travel humidor)

Hydra (electronic cigar humidification)

Stinky ashtrays

Along with:( don't have any of these)

Div Pro

Get a grip cigar clip

Palio (cutter)

Hygroset (digital hygrometer)

Humidor Supreme (humidors)

Shuriken (cutter)

My issue has been with Xikar only.

That being said. The Colibri V-cut has been a great/pleasant surprise. 

However I do remember a time when I had issues with a couple of Colibri lighters - they went into receivership back in 2009 - had QC issues at the time...After the receivership their warranty changed from lifetime to two years...

Therefore I did have some initial hesitation, to re-try this brand.

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For lighters, i invested in a ST Dupont Maxijet back when it was made in France. Been using it for 10 years non stop. Works great. Only time it kinda stopped working was when i use Colibri Butane. Went back with Vector Butane and problem solved. Works everytime.


For cutters, been using my Xikar Slim for 10 years, no problem. It fits in my wallet so i am happy.

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Crud - just saw thia.  I believe it is Quality Importers who bought (and ruined) Palio.  Those used to be fantastic cutters, but I had trouble getting QI to honor the lifetime warranty for a broken Palio.  As a matter of fact, it is only when I mentioned I would refer the matter to the state attorney general that they changed their tune and replaced the cutter with a quickness.

I propose they either drop the word "Quality" from their name, or else add the word "Poor" at the front.

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My Xikar Xi3 is starting to get a little dull but due to these horror stories I'm not sure I want to send it back for sharpening, I got the phantom blade model so I can't do it myself.

Not sure what to do, I've stopped recommending them to friends but people still buy from them due to their old reputation. 

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