*** Favorite Golf Smoke ? ***

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9 hours ago, Notsocleaver said:

Isn't this exactly what the Monte Opens were made for?

Not that I would know, I refuse to smoke Monte Opens or play golf...

Haha are these that bad? I have seen a couple remarks about opens here lol

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14 hours ago, Edward7 said:

Haha are these that bad? I have seen a couple remarks about opens here lol

I bought a box recently, Jul 18 code.  One dimensional, but good flavor.  Tastes like powdered very light hot cocoa with a touch of milk.  You should try it.  

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7 minutes ago, ff8092 said:

Maduro Hemingway. Usually a Masterpiece on the first hole. Lasts a good 7 or 8 holes. The wrapper is tough as hell and full of flavor. 

The Masterpiece is a huge cigar.  It only lasts you 7-8 holes?  Sheesh.  LOL.

Definitely have to get me some more Maduro Hemingways, though.  I like the Best Seller the most.

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I'll usually smoke a couple cigars during a round. But like many others, I dont typically smoke my better ones due to the wind and laying them down often. I most often smoke NCs for that reason. Along with the fact they have wrappers, which keep them in better shape prior to lighting. 

As far as choice, I usually enjoy a Fuente anejo or Ashton aged Maduro on the front nine, then a Nub on the back.

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Close my eyes and reach into singles drawer.  7E86FA40-C50B-4439-86FF-EE6D530837D4.thumb.jpeg.fbb1a47ef0d67b0d9b1a7a060d2ad3dd.jpeg








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