In search of tea notes in a cigar.

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2 hours ago, westg said:

I opened a box of Diplomatico No 5 on the weekend...tea notes for sure.

Not my cup of tea...sent 10 to LordAnubus ...


His size ?

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Don’t often pick up on the tea notes for the most part my palate feels like Bob Dylan’s slept in it ?

but I do sometimes get a tea like hit from some Trinidad’s ?

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Siglo 3 for green tea and grass. I get black tea, which others may call baking spice ( prob my unsophisticated palate) from RyJ Churchill at the beginning and recently got black tea from upmann half coronas and majestic. Maybe I’m crazy.

I love finding these two flavors. Siglo 3 for sure.

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Vegas Robaina Unicos was complex and tasting notes mention Tea briefly, but not all the way through.  

Memory says try Arturo Fuente Spanish Lonsdale Claro, very mild flavors overall, but nuanced.  Then I drowned all of its light enjoyable flavors with a Cola.  I’d suggest pairing with something no stronger in flavor than sparkling water or light green tea.

If I remember correctly from reading somewhere Claro wrappers are noted to contribute to the tea notes, if there is any truth to that. Claro wrappers might be a place to start.

Also a slender QdO comes to mind, though I don’t remember well enough the specific vitola or flavors.  

The QdO was my first recommendation, but to be sure I’d suggest trying a few different cigars on multiple occasions.

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I'm of no help here.  As a Southerner, my sense of taste regarding tea is ruined with the very sugary sweet tea served here.  It's ubiquitous and unavoidable.  If you live here long enough, you'll eventually order one and there'll be no turning back.  Next stop, diabetes...

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I've had better luck finding tea notes in Dominican cigars.  The La Aurora Preferidos Emerald tubos reliably produced them.

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