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Punch Punch JUL 17 (PQDRW)

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So here's a Punch Punch (how many times can I get punch into this review?)

5 5/8 x 46

Good construction, somewhat rustic looking. No draw issues and a good burn. Dark grey ash that came off after the first few inches. Smoking time came in at just over an hour.

1/3 - Starts off smooth as butter. Beautiful aroma with a delicate, creamy flavour.

2/3 - Cream is still there but starts to be overtaken by wood. Still smooth.

3/3 - Things start to heat up in the final third. The cream is gone and pepper starts to come to the front. Definitely not an over powering pepper.

Would rate this 3.5/5. Is the Punch a knockout? No, but it definitely throws a good jab. Would I buy it again? Probably, for the right price. The Punch Punch would make a good morning smoke but nothing to rave about.


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I must be the only person who gets butterscotch as the primary flavor of a punch punch.

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I agree with your evaluation. I really like them but rarely smoke them down past 2/3 unless I get an exceptional one or for some reason my frame of mind is letting me enjoy a bit of a kick. 

Wonderful picture. 

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